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Les trois renardaux/The three little fox cubs/Die drei kleinen Füchse

Language learning need not be altogether painful! If children are exposed to literature that appeals to their imagination and is written in such a way that they can quite easily assimilate some basic vocabulary – for instance numbers, colours and the names of a series of animals – they stand to absorb elements of a second language unconsciously.  Stories read to them by their teachers, parents or an older sibling will accustom the young child to hearing a second language, like children of mixed parentage who hear a second language in the home from their earliest infancy. These stories about three fox cubs who are born in a Swiss forest, and who go to the forest school with other animals, where their teacher is Mr. Heron, as well as the various games at the end, are designed to fascinate children in the 4-10 age group, and perhaps even the not-so-young. Many facts about nature will contribute to enhancing the interest of young children in our rural environment.


My daughter Claudia and I decided to publish three of the six stories that I had invented when she was six or seven years old. Many years later we added German to the French and English texts and Claudia spent countless hours illustrating the stories and perfecting some games, to be found near the back of the book.


Very many families purchased the book and gave us very positive feedback on it, hoping that the other stories would one day appear in like manner.


















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